BigData Services

Channel Persona

You want your channel partners to be successful and at the same time you want to make sure they promote your products at a margin that works for you. But then again, your competitor has the same goals. How do you get ahead? Know if your partner strategy to build that special relationship is working as planned. See if they are promoting you or the competitor. Find out if they are aligned to your development program.

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Analytics Transformation

Roadmap to the Future

Recently, there's been a flood of buzz words: BigData, MPP, Hybrid, Cloud. But what can they do? Specifically, how and what can they do for you? Our Technology Transformation services helps you sort out what's important to deliver a strategic roadmap that is customized for your environment. We understand you may have existing investments and multiple initiatives in the planning stages, or even in flight, so we'll work with you to provide a clear, executable and success based transformation model to deliver cost effective solutions for your business.

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Tool Based BI Platform Migration

Automated Migration Process

The demands on your BI platform come from many directions - casual users have the need for top down intelligence that answer predefined questions while power users require bottom up analysis consisting of ad hoc analysis utilizing mining tools. The typical customer landscape consists of multiple BI platforms from different vendors with reports and dashboards created on one or the other platform. Recreating the same assets on the other platform is a resource and time intensive process. Can this process be made simple and quick? We have the solution for you.

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Contact Persona

The response rates of your marketing initiatives are directly proportional to the behavior and state of the recipient. With Contact Persona, whether you have hundreds or millions of records, you can get the complete profile of each target to make sure they will be ready to hear your message at the right time.

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Standard business intelligence (BI) tools are used by less than 30 percent of potential users. This low takeup is due to the fact that the longstanding tools and approaches to BI are often too difficult to use, slow to respond, or deliver content of limited relevance. With our BI consumerization package that includes more than 50 KPIs, you will be able to understand user behavior and effectively drive BI adoption.

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HiveDeveloper is a Hive query tool developed by StratApps. HiveDeveloper takes what HiveQL is missing and gives users the power to visualize their data stored in Hadoop. The tool is free for use and updated frequently. Request a download link today here.

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What is BigData?

And why you should know about it!

Big Data is a buzzword, or one can say it’s a catch-phrase, which can be used to describe a huge volume of structured, unstructured, text, images, audio, video, log files, emails, simulations, 3D models, military surveillance, e-commerce and so on that is so massive that it’s difficult to process using traditional database and software techniques. In most enterprise scenarios the data is too big or it moves too fast or it exceeds current processing capacity. Big Data is nothing but a synonym of a huge and complex data that it becomes very tiresome, difficult or slow to collect, store, sort, process, retrieve and analyze it with the help of any existing relational database management tools or traditional data processing techniques. We can formally define Big Data as: Big Data usually includes data sets with sizes beyond the ability of commonly used software tools to capture, curate, manage, and process the data within a tolerable elapsed time...

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